June 30, 2012

Craft Your DIY Craft: American Flag

Independence Day, unlike other holidays, for me is filled with great honky-tonk traditions. $2 Pabst Blue Ribbon, corn on the cob, country music, steamed clams and childhood friends and a whole lotta debauchery.

Inspired by Pottery Barn's giant wooden American flag and motivated to beat their high ticket price ($129) I put my DIY skills to task, and made my own.
The project itself wasn't difficult, but it did require a bit of math and some patience.

What you'll need:
  • Wood. Home Depot already cut wood size: 48 x 23.
  • Craft paint: white, red (Americana: Tuscan Red), and blue (Folkart- Marine Nantucket). 
  • 50 Star stickers. Approximately 2" in size. I couldn't find any in the store or online so I made my own. (word document, star clip art adjust to size, print on a full sheet of adhesive paper , cut out individually)
  • Paint brush (foam brush too)                                       
  • Painters tape
  • Sand paper (optional)
  • Hooks to hang (optional)

How to Steps:
1. If you are going to hang this flag, I suggest attaching the hardware first.

2. Paint the entire piece of wood white. Let this dry. Give as many coats as you need.

3. Tape wood to identify area for stars and stripes. You will have to do some math and measuring in order to evenly space everything. 13 stripes total (7 red, 6 white)
Mine measured:
"blue area" (for stars): 21.5 (w) x 12 (l)
Stripes: 2 " wide
4. Arrange star alignment. Using tape, section off area for the stars. Cut out individual stars and begin attaching. There are 50 stars. You need 6 stars across and 5 rows down.. Measure evenly. My suggestion: Gently place each star, without securing on tightly, so you can move them around. TRUST me on this. You have no idea how much you will be moving the stars to make them even and look right.

5. After you've secured stars, paint over them with blue paint. Do this slowly and carefully. You don't want the stickers to come up. Use a foam brush and "dab" over stars.

6. Paint red stripes.

7. Allow everything to dry. Slowly remove stickers and tape. 
Presto magico' yer done! If you like the distressed look, which I do, rub some sand paper over it (especially the corners). For additional "antiquing" use some brown stain or paint on a wash cloth and wipe over the whole thing.