May 21, 2012

Craft Your DIY Craft: Wind chime

I love wind chimes. I like the peaceful sound chimes make during a light breeze. Ahh, tranquility. Then of course there's the annoyance of a wind chime when the wind picks up and the noise becomes incessant and utterly annoying. For this post though, I'll maintain the summer lovin', birds floating-rainbows-unicorn fantasy of the lovely wind chime.

I was browsing  House Tweaking and came across this paint stick mobile ,meant to be a decorative item for a child' bedroom. I thought it was cute, but had no use for it. Or did I? Then it hit me. I could make this paint stick mobile into a WIND CHIME! Brilliant. 

Thank you House Tweaking for the inspiration.

 What you'll need:

How to Steps:

 1. If you're opting to stain your paint sticks, I suggest doing this first so they have time to dry. (After sticks dried I added polka dots by lining them next to each other and randomly painting dots with round sponge.)

2. While the paint sticks dry, separate both pieces of embroidery hoop. You'll only need the solid "inner" piece. Tie two pieces of string to the hoop. This will allow you to hang.

3. Glue paint sticks to hoop. I suggest placing glue on hoop rather than individual stick. PRESS FIRMLY and HOLD for a few minutes until its secure. (very important otherwise this project is a nightmare with the sticks coming off all over the place)

4. Cut pieces of fishing line (I cut same length pieces about 7 inches) Weave wire through chime, creating a loop.

5. Glue both ends of fishing line to the inside bottom of paint stick. (I forgot to take a picture of this step.)

**I only ordered 2 packages (of five) of chimes. So I was 2 short of putting one chime on each stick (12 sticks total). I didn't care. I didn't want leftovers and felt ok with having 2 less.

Paint the sticks any color you want, add decorative appliques. Craft Your Craft!