April 3, 2012

Craft Your DIY Craft: Tin Candle Holders

 My first Craft Your DIY Project.   Tin Candles!  They're really easy,  simple and inexpensive to make. Not to mention Eco-friendly if you use recycled cans. Make a bunch with different designs using different sized cans. Put a citronella candle in it to ward off the bugs while you summer outside!    

What you'll need:
  • hammer
  • nail
  • any size tin can (remove labels)
  • you'll need water to freeze in the cans       

  How to Steps:
  • I've tried this project without freezing water, just using the empty can. This step is the difference between utter frustration and simple ease. So, please freeze water.
  • Allow frost to develop on the can so you can trace a picture, one that will become your design. I used an erasure at the end of a pencil to draw letter J.                                                        
  • When you're done hammering, and making the holes (make them big enough that the light really shines through) melt the ice, add a candle.
There so many ways to decorate this little craft. Paint it, spray some glue on and roll it around in some glitter. Got a bedazzler? go nuts.