March 8, 2012

Craft Your Better Self: Live in the moment

The other day I was feeling down and discouraged and whatever the clinical term is for “blah”. By midnight, after thoroughly being sick of myself, it was time to shake it off. I looked to my book shelf for the answer. It was embedded within the chapters of a book called "The 28 Laws of Attraction: Stop chasing success and let it chase you"  by Thomas Leonard.  I hate the title of this book. But I’m a sucker for self-improvement and its $1.50 bargain table price.
Here is information I found useful from Step Two: Unhook Yourself from the Future
  • Give up goals that are seductive
When the future becomes far more interesting than the present, the destination holds more importance than the journey. You gradually lost the present, which is where the real gifts are.
  • Perfect the Present
When your life isn’t as you want it to be, use your energy to perfecting the present moment. You’d probably attract a better future instead of trying to acquire it- a very different approach.
  • Stop Hoping
Life may improve for you, but not because you’re hoping. If you’re living in hope for something to occur or improve, you’re simply escaping the present.
  • Stop Watching Television
Sure there is some good and worthwhile television programming. But most of what’s on TV is mind-numbing: a pleasure-provider in the short run, but a thief of the present moment. 

You are most attractive when you’re living in the present moment-not living in the future, or striving for it, or trying to repair the past. A smooth, secure, present-time orientation is the sure way to attract a better future.

No wonder one of my favorite songs from Pearl Jam is Present Tense