March 10, 2012

Craft Your Better Self: Making small changes with biggest impact

For me, March Madness is squeaky sneakers and that endless “OM” sounding chant created by the bouncing student audience. For my boyfriend (and every other male in the country) March Madness is about the anticipated enthusiasm of upsets and buzzer beaters. Every underdog wants to be Cinderella, every player wants to be a game changer. Game changers aren’t always obvious and dramatic. Switching from regular to decaf can be a game changer to someone with high blood pressure but it probably won't catch the attention of Sports Illustrated.
My game changer happened a few years back. I spent three weeks in Ecuador volunteering at the Santa Martha Wildlife Rescue. Daily chores began at 6am and involved a lot of grunt work; cleaning, preparing food, manual labor, and a variety of landscaping projects (mostly filling holes made by the animals). In exchange for all the hard work I  fed a new born fawn with a baby bottle, played with a Galapagos Tortoise, held the hand of a Capuchin monkey and provided taxi service to a Macaw.

I loved it, warts and all. After I left Ecuador,  I decided to make conscious changes in my life. I no longer eat beef (or other meat product), poultry, and certain types of aquatic animals. I am very conscientious about not using products, knowingly, that have been tested on animals. I make every effort not to buy leather, or other animal based products. Fur? uh, no way. I make regular donations to charities that support the well being of animals.  I've protested at Mayor Bloomberg's (NYC) home when he sanctioned killing of wild geese.

 All the pets I've ever owned have been rescued.

These changes work for me because of my experience.   Have a great day, make it a  game changer.