March 19, 2012

Craft Your Better Self: Make the most of your summer

 Mark and I have this running joke that begins by one of us complaining or venting about something and the other person interjecting, "Yeah, but we'll be River Rafting with a full cooler of beer and chips in June."
It's our way of saying, "It might suck now, at work or wherever and that's not going to change, but we've got better things to think about. Let's start now." (Kind of like the scene in Moonstruck when Cher slaps Nicholas Cage across the face, yelling "Snap out of it!"- this is our, kinder, gentler version of that.)

The cottage season officially opens April 15th. In celebration, we purchased the Grand-Mac-Daddy, the Cadillac of inner tubes: The River Raft II. It's a two-seater with built in cooler and cup holders! The only thing missing is a grill.  It's been in the box for the last few months, sitting, collecting dust but in my mind I've used it a 1,000 times.

I've seen myself climbing on it, trying to be gentle so I don't disturb the snacks, and failing miserably. Just as I hoist myself up, I slip and fall into the water, soaking my new summer hat. I see the chips getting soggy from the flailing and splashing. I see us drifting too far from the shore and kicking and paddling like dumb and dumber to get back in. I see myself spilling my cool refreshment as a light wave jostles our tube. I see myself shocked out of calmness by a fish brushing slightly against my leg.  (Fish? mm, probably more like seaweed) Once all the kinks are ironed out and the ease of tubing sets in,  I see a tremendous amount of summer fun.

As a kid, I grew up on the Niagara River, inner tubing was a summer staple. The thought of returning to this childhood past time, brings more joy than I feel entitled to.